Replica 16 eDrive

Replica 16 eDrive
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Replica 16 eDrive


Perfect for 4-8 year old kids under 75 lbs., with 18-24' inseam
16" composite wheels with pneumatic tires
Seat height: 17"Weight: 20 lbs. with battery
Frame: Aluminum tig welded
Fork: Steel, BMX style

Proprietary drive system

New high-output brushless motor
Power selection modes:
> Low/Training mode ~ 5 mph
> Med/Transitional Mode ~ 7.5 mph
> High/Advanced Mode ~ 13 mph
Thermal protection for motor and controller
BMX chain and freewheel

Industrial grade lithium-ion battery and charger> Quick disconnect/connect battery

20Vmax voltage (18Vnom)
Up to 60 minute run time
45-60 minute charge time
Quick change lithium-ion battery100 %