Rozeta Superprox Alu - modrý elox

Rozeta Superprox Alu - modrý elox
Název zboží: Rozeta Superprox Alu - modrý elox
Kód zboží: 777109510XX68
Cena: 1 446 Kč

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The blue rear sprocket provides you with the following advantages:
- Made of high-strength 7075-T6 aluminum, the strongest aluminum in the world
- Originally developed for the aircraft industry and then adopted by the best rear sprocket manufacturers
- Cleaner, straighter and smoother chain travel, because it is ground precisely flat to 0.002 mm
- No vibration - therefore maximum efficiency of power transfer
- All these features mean slow wear and extreme durability over the long-term
- Anodized blue, with a permanent, organic environmentally friendly colorant