Automatická spojka Rekluse FE 450-501 16

Automatická spojka Rekluse FE 450-501 16
Název zboží: Automatická spojka Rekluse FE 450-501 16
Kód zboží: 78132900400
Cena: 21 000 Kč

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The latest generation of the Rekluse automatic clutch featuring EXP technology. This automatic clutch is installed into the standard clutch, i.e. simple, uncomplicated and quick installation.
The benefits:
- Easily adjusted from the outside via the clutch slave cylinder, so removal of the clutch cover or dismantling of the clutch is no longer necessary
- No stalling of the engine in critical situations such as braking into corners, on descents, mid-jump, when starting or pushing
- The improved traction can be controlled perfectly and smoothly via the throttle twist grip alone
- Slippery, extremely steep sections can therefore be conquered more easily (saving time and ensuring faster lap times)
- More relaxed, fatigue-free and controlled riding, even over longer distances in tough terrain
- Unrestricted and total concentration on the perfect line
- No more shifting is required, although it is still possible
- Special hand brake lever kit available, allowing braking of the rear wheel with the left hand
Tested and approved by our experienced enduro factory riders.